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VISMOTECH - SKQ1 Bromide Solution (10mL / 30mL)

VISMOTECH - SKQ1 Bromide Solution (10mL / 30mL)

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SQK1 Bromide

SKQ1 (bromide) is an anti-oxidant that targets the mitochondria. In doing so, it decreases the transmembrane potential and reduces the production of reactive oxygen species

SKQ1 was found to slow cellular aging and extend lifespan.

SKQ1 has been shown to prevent neuronal loss and synaptic damage in rats with Alzheimer's disease.

Studies have also demonstrated SKQ1 to reduce the effects of arthritis in rats.

SKQ1 reduces the development of degenerative eye problems.

Calculating Research Dose

A recent landmark study assessing the anti-aging effects of SKQ1 on mice used concentrations of (0.13–0.7 μg/kg/day (R).

Other studies have gone as high as 50 mcg/kg/day (R) and 250 mcg/kg/day (R). 

There are no studies on humans yet, so it seems wise to assume that the lowest effective dose used in these studies is the safest starting point for future human research. This dose was 0.13mcg/kg/day. 

Thus, to calculate the daily dose for future human research, we would use the following equation:

0.13 (mcg) x bodyweight (kg)

For example, A 40kg individual would require 5.2 mcg/day.

There is 1.3 mcg/drop in Vismotech.

 A small amount of Methylene blue is added to Vismotech as a mild preservative